Anything you can imagine

We are located in the Comox Valley and provide sign services to all of Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.  Whether you are a new business looking for help to build your brand identity with a fresh new sign or an existing business looking to update or maintain existing signs, we are here to help.
No job is too big or too small!


As a local sign company we manufacture all of our signs in-house. We have a computer controlled cutting machine used for cutting various hard materials such as aluminum, steel, composites, wood, plastics, foams, and even glass to turn your vision into reality.



  1. Hip Hop Coalition
  2. Larry Poirier Construction Ltd.
  3. Kradles
  4. Houle Electric
  5. Fluid bar & grill
  6. Torbram Electric Supply
  7. The Kingfisher Resort & Spa
  8. Fit Chiropractic
  1. The crew at HLS did everything I asked them including coming out to my job site and installed the signs on my trailer. They stuck to their price and then went out of their way to install without any up charges.
    Larry Poirier Construction Ltd.
    Larry Poirier Construction Ltd.
  2. HLS was really helpful when I was deciding how to design a sign for my family. He gave me a lot of great ideas and I absolutely loved my final product. I've mentioned his work to many people and will return to him for any other sign needs.
    Christine Rowland
    Christine Rowland
  3. I would like to thank HI-lite Signs for their quality workmanship and professionalism. I would like to say that myself and my colleagues from Houle Electric would not hesitate to recommend HI-lite Signs.
    Pam Williams
    Pam Williams
  4. I had a "Welcome" sign made by HLS a few months ago and found the young owner to be a very well mannered individual who knows his product knowledge well. The sign is exactly what I had asked for and was delivered in a timely fashion.
    Iris Forster
    Iris Forster


Capable of cutting adhesive vinyl into any shape imaginable! We can create specific decals for your signs, billboards, banners, walls, and vehicles that suit your company. Vinyl comes in a wide variety of colours including gold and silver foil, vinyl that simulates frosted glass, reflective vinyl, and even holographic vinyl.

Ideal for creating outdoor banners, flags, POP posters, vehicle graphics, backlit signage, window glass and more. Printing colours are unlimited with the ability to have multiple colours within one print as well as graphics and images. 

We also offer ​vehicle signage which can extend the amount of visibility that you get by just driving around!


Anything you can imagine, we can help you achieve it. We can supply you with a wide variety of custom signage projects; Big, small, illuminated, non-illuminated, 3-D, stand off, flat or any other possibility of signage that your business requires! 

Do you have an existing fluorescent or neon sign that needs replacing? Rather than spending mega bucks on a brand new sign, HI-lite Signs can retrofit your sign with high-efficiency LEDs—giving you a safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly way to keep your sign operational. 


HLS technicians provide customers with a range of installation services for all types of internal and external signs and signs that require specific lighting solutions. An install can include planning, safe removal of an old sign, excavation, and the building of a foundation and structure. We use lift equipment for safe installation and service of above-ground signage. For sign installation services in tight spots, our installers can use vehicles that are small enough to get close to the installation location while being large enough to get the job done.


HLS provides routine maintenance to ensure your signage is in good condition with working lights and that it's secure to its structure. We service anything from changing burnt out bulbs in your exterior signage to giving  your sign or awning a seasonal clean.